Letter from a Commonwealth Soldier Veteran -T.J Lcpl Bethold lpaha Tijihero

i am writing to thank you all from the Welsh Veterans Partnership for helping me . i joined the British Army from Namibia in 2007 as a commonwealth soldier ,i served attached to Royal Anglian regt, i had a good time in the army but after 2 tours of Afghanistan i was finding it difficult to settle after seeing terrible stuff in Afghan , i was then diagnosed with ptsd and couldn’t carry out my duties. i was then medical discharged in 2014. on Discharge i was given an interim payment for medical discharge. i did not understand the discharge process and being not from UK didn’t know many people i was unable to get information ,help and felt let down by MOD i was lost and confused. i couldn’t and didn’t want to go back to Namibia i ended up drinking spending all my money ,splitting with my girlfriend and living on the streets. i was lost , mentally ill being arrested by police for sleeping rough , i attempted suicide. i felt so low and didn’t know where to go . i was then given a number fir The Welsh Veterans Partnership from a veteran who said they will defiantly help , this they did . Met with MR Dave Price from WVP who took me off the streets , got me a room with Alabre a veterans charity , i stayed there for six months getting help with my self getting the right benefits a doctor, a dentist and then a place to live at the veterans housing cluster. This is so fantastic I’ve got my own house key to my own place amazing ,i also got help paying bills ,getting with WVP and SSAFA a bed a cooker a fridge. Welsh Veterans Partnership Testimonials 03/09/2018 i have now got a future have friends veterans i live near if i feel down or lonely. i have now got all my driving license tests this will enable me to work and feel i can cope and be happy living in UK.

Very greatfull

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