About Us

Dear Potential Partner…Yes-You!!!

Introduction. Welcome to our website. The Welsh Veterans Partnership (WVP) is determined to enable the improvement of holistic care for veterans in Wales, working in partnership with other stakeholders — the NHS, military charities and serving members of the Armed Forces; supported and enabled as necessary by governments, local authorities, corporate organizations and individual philanthropists.

Short History. The WVP is the legacy of a charity walk around Wales in 2013 (Walk on Wales (WOW)) which was organized by some Falklands veterans of the Welsh Guards. Over 2000 people took part and raised over £300,000 for Combat Stress and the Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal. It was a great success in many ways, not least in providing a rare occasion for people to gather, walk and share experiences. But by the end of the walk, there was a consensus that there is not as much provision for veterans in Wales as there is in other parts of the UK. So we have done some research and although much is being done by many, we have confirmed our suspicions in terms of delivery to
the veterans. Some examples are:

  • There is no bespoke residential facility in Wales aside Blind Veterans UK in Llandudno.
  • The Veterans’ NHS Wales service has a two month waiting list from referral to treatment which is twice as long as the target.
  • COBSEO agree that there is a lack of co-ordination of effort in Wales.
  • Some therapy is not as effective as others.

All of the stakeholders that we have spoken to agree with our observations and agree that more could be done — but we are wary of working in isolation or overcrowding the military charity stage and we are reluctant to raise money from hard-pressed individuals in Wales. So our first priority is to raise awareness rather than funds and our first objective is to enable others to achieve success.


  • Our mission is to enable improvements in the holistic care of veterans in Wales as soon as possible and if necessary to evolve into a coordinating body in the longer term.
  • Is to improve communication and form partnerships aiding sign posting which in turn will aid planning, policy strategy in Wales, working with major stakeholders, military charities, the welsh family of regiments and the welsh veterans community in Wales.
  • To hold regular conference partnership meetings and newsletter to identify new pro-active positive projects and initiatives in Wales.
  • To gather data and highlight gaps in service provision for veterans in Wales, to aid policy and planning, aid provision and fighting for a whole of Wales holistic approach to serve servicemen and women passed and present in Wales and aid the wider family of veterans and welsh communities that they come from.