Outline Plan 2016-2017




ReliveThe welsh veterans partnership is committed to working in partnership with Veterans charity’s In Wales , NHS veterans wales and Welsh local government bodies . in keeping within the spirit of the the Military Convent and with

the knowledge of the report findings on veterans and services in Wales i.e Forces in mind trust wales final report 2016 and the frontline ssafa report 2016. There has been great inroads made , and recommendations on Partnership ’s working together on towards an all Wales strategy for Service leavers ,families and veterans must be the way forward.

We can identify Gaps in service , A lack of communication on planning, lack of Sustainability of Projects through poor funding provision issues and duplication of service have led to issues in wales identified in The FIMT REPORT 2016.


To Aid Transition ‘Well Being’ for Service leavers,families, Veterans leaving armed Forces .
To achieve this aim we have linked up in Partnership with Welsh Local Authorities in this case Cardiff City Council , RCT Homes Housing Association. Veterans Charities in Wales who are involved on a daily basis with the well being of Service leavers their families and Veterans throughout the Principality.
We noted problems with a lack of whole of service approach ,affecting sustainability on delivery of Housing services . Problems with the basic need of access to housing effects the“Well being “ of Forces leavers ,veterans and families . This in turn hinders Transition and is a major factor of veterans service leavers problems with Housing issues, a lack of affordable properties at a fair rent, on a fixed term tenancy. A lack of 1 and 2 Bedroom Affordable Accomodation.

WVP ‘Coming Home Project

We have on a daily basis worked with Cardiff City Council housing team and have been impressed with their commitment to the Military Covenant and to the Spirit of the Covenant regarding housing provision for our service users, Helping us with Veterans and their families Who are or have been homeless NFA or experiencing Housing issues. Last year I was able to meet with Cardiff’Council Head of Housing Mrs Jayne Thomas,and others from the team and ask if we could agree a housing project that would aid veterans and service leavers families promote the spirit of the covenant provision on housing ,while still fitting in with Cardiff councils Housing list requirements.

We were also able to meet with RCT Homes who had at that stage had a New Build Project in Cardiff Bay,and that a percentage of would be given over to local lettings on Affordable Local Housing scheme , we then had meetings with MR Andrew Freeguard head of New Business and lettings for RCT Homes and enquired as to the possibility of us with Cardiff council working in Partnership with others to achieve a workable sustainable housing project for Injured Service Personnel ,families and veterans.
We assured both parties that with support of The Welsh Veterans Partnership Whole of well being approach and our partners that have signposted Veterans and service leavers to us for the WVP coming home Project that we will be able to provide individual support package covering , Tenancy support, debt financial help advice on pensions Benefits,employment,counselling and intervention . To aid achieving this we have come to agreement on Partnership with the following organisations.


We commend our partners on what will be a first in Wales and hopefully a blueprint to be rolled out in the Principality.

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