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A valuable partnership between Trivallis , the Welsh Veterans Partnership and the City of Cardiff Council is providing sustainable homes for Armed Forces leavers, veterans and families.
The development of 152 properties is owned by Trivallis who have been working with Cardiff City Council  and the Welsh Veterans Partnership to allocate at least 15 per cent of the homes to veterans registered on the Cardiff Housing waiting list.
Julie Vellucci Trivallis’ Business Development Director said: “This is the first time we’ve ventured outside of our boundaries and built affordable homes in Cardiff. Being a part of this journey and building these valuable partnerships has been a wonderful experience and makes us incredibly proud.”

Steven Bushel who served in the army for eight years moved into a one bedroom apartment in November, he said: “It’s not the battle on the field; it’s the battle coming home. When I left the army in 1992 there was nothing in place to support veterans to find work or a home but it’s so different now.
“Trivallis are a great landlord and living in an area with other vets is great because if you see someone is feeling a little down you can help them out.”
Trivallis met with the Welsh Veterans Partnership two and a half years ago and were immediately drawn in. “As a community mutual our tenants are at the heart of what we do,” explained Andrew Freegard, Head of Development and New Business.
“Anything we could do to make it easier for the ex-veterans to access housing was something we wanted to get involved in.

“We are proud, honoured and privileged to have had the opportunity to work collaboratively with the Welsh Veterans Partnership.”

Andrew Freegard, head of development and new business at Trivallis, said: “The event was a fantastic opportunity to showcase over three years of hard work. The properties look fantastic and are a great starting point for the work we hope to continue to do.
“We are committed to investing in communities to ensure that our homes are in places that are thriving and inspirational.”
A number of military veterans are living in the properties due to collaboration with the Welsh Veterans Partnership.

David Price, co-ordinator at Welsh Veterans Partnership, said: “We have managed to house 16 veterans and their families into the properties in Cardiff Bay thanks to the support offered by Trivallis. We noticed that there was a distinct lack of affordable housing for the veterans that we support but this development has meant that we can give some of them the support they need.
“What Andrew and the Trivallis team have done is unbelievable. The properties have a real community feel and mean that we can continue to give back to our veterans by helping them readjust to life outside of serving their country.”

Jonathan George, 24, has been in the army for six years and experienced multiple tours of Afghanistan. He said:“Before joining the army I’d lived in Cardiff all my life. I’m due to finish in June and was worried that once I leave I’d have no support and nowhere to call home. I have a young child and a girlfriend so was worried I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere that we could live comfortably together.
“Now I have this amazing place to call home back in Cardiff. I feel like Christmas has come early.”

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