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Q 64783
To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, how many army leavers aged under 25 have received (a) financial and (b) other assistance with housing resettlement in each of the last three years.

Asked by Stephen Doughty MP (Cardiff South & Penarth) 

Answered by: Mark Lancaster
Answered on: 24 February 2017
This information related to Under 25s is not held in the format requested.
The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has a robust and effective resettlement system in place which utilises the highly successful Career Transition Partnership (CTP). All personnel are eligible for the CTP resettlement provision including those medically discharged, or leaving the Armed Forces due to redundancy. These free resettlement services are offered to all ranks and ages of Service personnel and offers flexible support which can be accessed two years before discharge, through to two years post discharge in order to ensure that making the transition to civilian life is as smooth as possible.
The resettlement process includes the provision of housing advice via the Joint Service Housing Advice Office (JSHAO). The past three years JSHAO statistics are given below:

Financial Year 2013-14
Financial Year 2014-15
Financial Year 2015-16
Housing Advice Briefs Delivered
Number of Army Attendees
No figures available
Army Enquiries
No figures available
Please note that it is not possible to determine the age of those who attended these briefs. Figures were not broken down by Service prior to Financial Year 2014-15.
The JSHAO provides specific housing information and advice to encourage Service personnel and their families to consider their civilian housing options at any point in their career. This is to ensure that those leaving the Services have an understanding of the civilian housing options available to them and the differing financial implications when occupying civilian housing compared to Service accommodation.
The MOD also works closely with the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Devolved Administrations to ensure Service personnel do not experience disadvantage as a result of their military service when applying for social housing.

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